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Private Investigators and Private Process Servers providing the best Private Investigation and Third-party Process Service available.



Reliable Security & Investigations, LLC is a Central Virginia private detective agency with a long history of success in obtaining exceptional results for Law Firms, Business Professionals, and Citizens of Virginia by performing nothing but the best Private Investigations, and satisfying our clients' Third-Party Private Process Server and other needs for over fifteen years. 

Our executive staff has decades of combined experience with a varied background as Private Investigators, Paralegal/Legal Assistant and business management which affords us a unique skill set with which to pursue every Private Investigation or Third-party Private Process Service we conduct with the expertise and professionalism expected and deserved by our clients.

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If you are a Business/Corporate entity, then you've worked hard to build a business that is equitable, stable and sustainable in today's often difficult economy. Naturally, you don't want to jeopardize or lose what you've achieved through hard work, dedication and determination. RSI, LLC is here to help you by offering a number of types of Private Investigation tailored toward preventing or stopping such things as theft, fraud, embezzlement or other unfortunate offenses which can have a drastically negative impact on your business. Our Third-party Private Process Servers are often used by Business and Corporate professionals, as well.

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If you are an individual, then you may need the most help. Facing criminal charges, domestic abuse, divorce, child custody or endangerment, landlord/tenant issues, missing persons... These are only a few of the many concerns that may be haunting you. RSI, LLC is here for you and ready to stand with you, whatever your individual circumstances. Our Private Investigators can help with all of these things and more, whether it's assisting you and you attorney to prepare a defense for you criminal trial, gathering the evidence you need to protect yourself or your children, locating a missing loved one or any other issue, call us now so we can get started working for you!

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If you are a Law Firm then you are probably already aware of the many varied ways that a Private Investigator or Third-party Private Process Server can assist you with the Private Investigations and other legal necessities that often can require outside personnel such as RSI, LLC to serve process, or to investigate matters related to the business, criminal, domestic or forensic requirements of the preparation for trial of your legal cases.

 Whatever your particular needs, Reliable Security & Investigations can help you to achieve the results you're looking for. 



Making the decision to employee Reliable Security & Investigations to accomplish all of your Private Investigation and Third-party Process Service needs is simply the right solution to whatever your problem may be, whether you're an individual, a business professional or a law firm.

You've probably heard this before (or something similar): "Don't settle for the rest. Get the best." When it comes to choosing RSI, LLC, that couldn't be more accurate.

We encourage you to  challenge us and find out for yourself. Don't wait any longer. Put our skills to the test. Make contact today, so our highly-skilled Private Investigators and Private Process Servers can make your Private Investigation or Third-party Process Service concerns a thing of the past.

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