Tips When Hiring a PRIVATE Investigator OR DETECTIVE AGENCY

Know Your Prospective Private Investigator/Private Detective or Detective Agency

Hiring a Private Investigator a/k/a Private Detective is an important step in achieving the outcome you desire for whatever your investigation needs. We believe your decision is so important that we want to help you with your choice, whether you hire us or you decide to choose from one of our competitors.

Reliable Security & Investigations is here for one reason, and that is to serve our clients. We hope you will become one of those, but if not that's fine too. We are NOT here to squeeze you for every penny you have. If, after speaking with you and hearing what your concerns are and why you think you need a Private Investigator, we feel you do not need us we will tell you so. Believe it or not, we have done this in the past. We will then give you our knowledgeable opinion of how we feel you should proceed.

As with hiring any professional for any purpose, it is imperative that you take the time to do some careful research before settling on one Private Investigator or Detective Agency. If you're reading this, then you've already taken the first step by exploring our website and finding this page.

Virginia Law requires any individual Private Investigator and Detective agency providing Private Investigation services to be properly licensed and regulated by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services. Our current license is displayed below.

In addition, the license number issued by the VA DCJS must be prominently displayed on the Private Investigator's or Private Detective agency's website, on all advertisements (in any media format), and contained within any email, contract, invoice or any other document or communication from the Private Detective or agency. If the license number is not displayed, be suspicious. You have the right to request the license number, so you may conduct your research of the individual Private Investigator or Detective agency.  Our VA DCJS license number is 11-4256 and it is incorporated as part of out cover photo on the "Home" page and displayed in the "footer" section of every web page on this site, as well as our Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and every other profile listing for RSI on the World Wide Web (those listed or "claimed" by us; some listing sites pick up websites through "robo serches" and therefore may not contain all pertinent information). A list of sites where RSI's profile can be viewed is published on the "Reviews, Testimonials" page under the "More..." button above.

A third requirement of Virginia Laws as they relate Private Investigators and Private Detective agencies is that they must be properly insured and maintain a minimum of one million dollars in General Liability Insurance coverage. A current Certificate of Insurance is submitted to the VA DCJS whenever licenses are renewed, and can be verified on the VA DCJS website. Our Certificate of Insurance is displayed below.

These are only a few of the requirements for Private Investigators and Private Detective agencies, but they are important. Should you wish to verify that we or any of our competitors is compliant with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services' regulations, you may follow the link below to their website and enter the business license number in the appropriate search field.

Licenses, proof of insurance, violations or complaints filed with the VA DCJS against any licensed Private Investigator or Private Detective agency will be listed on the VA DCJS website.

It is sad to say that there are disreputable people in our world. We encourage you to research any Private Investigator or Private Detective agency you are considering hiring to pursue your interests. A little research will go a long way toward ensuring that you are dealing with reputable people.

Good luck with your search for a reputable, skilled and knowledgeable Private Investigator or Private Detective agency, and with your Private Investigation pursuits!



VA D.C.J.S. License #11-4256

RSI, LLC's VA Department of Criminal Justice Services License #11-4256

Certificate of General Liability Insurance

RSI, LLC's Certificate of Insurance